Cameron Mattice Bio

Cameron Mattice BioIn my teenage years, I had a dream, that dream was to beat all odds against me and become a Major League baseball superstar. During my baseball career, I achieved a lot in a relatively short period of time. At the age of 13, I began playing for an Elite Canadian baseball team, the Ontario Blue Jays, where I travelled North America, playing against all of the best teams. During an intensive five year period, I had the opportunity to represent the 17 U Ontario provincial team in the Canada Cup and was chosen to play on Team Canada 18 U. Also, my own team won the Regional Championship to qualify for the 18 U Connie Mack World Series in Farmington, New Mexico. In 2010, we represented our region and Canada to participate in the famous World Series tournament, with roughly 5,000 fans in attendance.

While I am proud of my baseball successes, it has not been without adversity. At the age of 13, I was diagnosed with stage 4b Hodgkins Lymphoma. For six months, I underwent aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatment at Sick Kids. Today I am blessed to remain cancer free. But during my treatments I developed a blood clot in my right arm from the pick line, so I had to take blood thinners throughout my treatment until the clot cleared. The day after I finished treatments and had my pick line removed, I returned to baseball. Unfortunately, two years later, the blood clot returned. No one is sure why, but the doctors suspect the previous clot in addition to the repetitive throwing motion aggravated it. This time the clot was worse because it damaged the vein; it was recommended that I quit playing ball. For a time, I tried learning to throw with my left hand so I wouldn’t have to give up the sport. Then I flew to Texas to see a specialist who had experience with major league baseball players with similar issues. The specialist explained that it would be okay to continue playing, as my body would adapt and create new blood vessels. I then chose to move from my position as catcher to play in the outfield in order to reduce the number of throws made, lowering the risk of another clot. I continued to play for another two years and received a baseball scholarship to Bossier Parish Community College in Louisiana. During my short time at Bossier, I suffered another setback. I tore the Ulnar Colateral ligament in my elbow and had to return home for Tommy John surgery.

The surgery was successful and my elbow has grown stronger again, but unfortunately the throwing program for rehab aggravated the blood flow in my arm. The worry of the clot returning became too much of a burden, and I knew I had one option. I faced the very difficult decision of giving up baseball, a decision I was trying to avoid for years. In doing so, I gave up another baseball scholarship to Connors State College in Oklahoma, and had to let go of my lifelong dream.

Cameron grew up in an athletic environment competing as an elite baseball player for the Ontario Blue Jays, Team Canada, and eventually at a college in Louisiana on scholarship. Since then, Cameron has received a BA Specialized Honours degree in Kinesiology from York University and has accumulated years of clinical experience alongside various chiropractors and other health care professionals.
His childhood years were filled with adversity as he overcame various health complications. He experienced Stage 4B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer, two blood clots in his right arm, reconstructive surgery in his right elbow. These health complications eventually led to the difficult decision of letting go of his childhood dream of becoming a professional athlete.
While this journey can be described as an emotional roller coaster, he perceives such experience as a blessing. It is these experiences that have shaped Cameron into the individual he is today, and has given him the unique opportunity to positively impact the lives of others.
Today, Cameron enthusiastically assumes the role of a Performance Consultant. As a performance consultant, Cameron has developed unique approach to training that is holistic in nature. His training style is designed to improve the overall function of the body, and enable individuals to experience improved health and well-being. Cameron’s area of expertise extends from strength training, into the fields of nutrition and mindfulness practices, which are also utilized to allow the achievement of his clients’ health goals. Over the years, many individuals have hired Cameron as a Performance Consultant for a broad spectrum of goals related to health performance. His clients have ranged from high-performing athletes, to individuals desiring to improve their general health, and even to individuals with chronic physical limitations.

It is Cameron’s mission to help others build a foundation that will enable the exploration of their own individual capabilities. It is his belief that through the achievement and maintenance of a body functioning at its highest capacity, individuals are more likely to allow a greater expression of one’s self.

Before being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 13, I would have never imagined the journey I was about to embark on. Although things have never been easy for me, I would not change a thing. It is this journey that has opened my eyes and view life in a new perspective. It has brought me to a much greater opportunity than ever before. As the great Jackie Robinson once said, "A life is not important except in the impact it has on others' lives." I feel it is now my duty to help others. To help them realize their dreams, and open their eyes to many possibilities that seem impossible.