Training Philosophy

Training Philosophy

Cameron Mattice Fitness Training Philosophy

Cameron Mattice Fitness is a unique one-on-one training system that has been adapted through Cameron Mattice’s years of athletic involvement combined with experience within a clinical setting. This training system uses a holistic approach that is designed to improve the overall function of the body, enabling individuals to experience improved health and well-being. Cameron’s area of expertise extends from strength training, into the fields of nutrition and mindfulness practices, which are also utilized to allow the achievement of his clients’ health goals. Cameron does not believe that there is any “quick-fix” or “magic pill” to achieving a better state of health; only consistently applied effort. The changes are introduced and fulfilled gradually, in order to blend them into a lifestyle that can be maintained long-term.

Acknowledging the fact that strength training is only one form of physical activity, Cameron uses training as a tool to improve performance and quality of life outside of the gym. Gone are the days of walking away from training feeling unable to function the rest of the day, and feeling defeated (both physically and mentally). His approach establishes a level of intensity that is maintained within each session in order to create lasting changes.  Each training program is meticulously designed in order to create a strong foundation that progressively builds on the your present capabilities. In addition, a close eye is kept on you in order to constantly assess your movement patterns. By being fully present through each session, Cameron is able to pinpoint and assess areas of weakness, which are then exposed and strengthened in a way to facilitate greater improvements of performance and overall function of the body. It is not uncommon for clients to begin training with Cameron with pre-existing injuries, and eventually report that those conditions have been alleviated.

With this unique approach to training, you may experience less pain, improved energy and well-being, greater mobility, increased strength, weight-loss or weight gain, and a greater sense of self-confidence.

Due to Cameron’s personal life experiences, the lens through which he views fitness, health, and performance is in a much broader sense than strictly being physically fit. Cameron believes that every person is born with a potential that far exceeds what can be imagined by the conscious mind. It is through a willingness to step outside of a personal comfort zone, and commit to a process of pushing the boundaries of what is believed to be possible, that will allow an individual to tap into this unforeseen potential. It is Cameron Mattice’s mission to help others build a foundation that will enable the exploration of their own individual capabilities. With the achievement and maintenance of a body that is functioning at its highest capacity, one may be more likely to allow a greater expression of one’s self.

Understand you are your most important asset. Invest in yourself and you will reap the benefits that will continue to last years from now!